Manuals, Policies and Procedures

Manuals, Policies and Procedures

We provide manuals, policies and procedures adapted to your requirements and obligations. We can also update your existing documented framework to reflect any changes in applicable laws, rules and regulations as well as industry best practices.

We can draft the following manuals, policies and procedures:

  • AML/CFT Compliance.
  • Internal Control and Compliance.
  • Client Vetting and Acceptance.
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP).
  • Risk Management.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Code of Conduct & Ethics.
  • Anti-bribery & Corruption.
  • Whistle Blowing.
  • Complaints Handling.
  • Conflicts of Interest.

We can also assist you with the development of the following:

  • AML/CFT Compliance Programme.
  • Compliance Monitoring Programme.
  • Risk-Based Monitoring Programme.
  • Business Continuity Plan.

This is a non-exhaustive list and all documents are tailored to your business.